About Us

We are two friends Jelena & Liudmila, who decided that your shoes need a best friend too. 

One is creative and crafty, laughable and sensitive. Another is organised and tech-savvy, controlling and sarcastic. 

We are very different, but we match together. Just like your shoes and Tapi-Tapi beauties. 

It is not just a friendship. It is meant to be!

Our Concept

We both love shoes. Not just love, but Looooove them! We love having a lot of them in the closet, the more, the better. 

However we realised that in spite of our big shoe collections we always stick to the favourite pair or two. 

You know, the comfy sneakers. 

Or the only heels you can dance in the rain with. 

Or the classic oxfords that go absolutely with everything. 

So we came up with this idea what about to wear your favourite shoes everyday but look different? 


Meet TAPI-TAPI shoe accessories!